The journals of a man living alone in the Canadian wilderness detail what has driven him to murder.
Based on a true story. 

Real Country Dark is a psychological thriller / drama / horror film based on a true crime.

Writer/Director Brian C. Taylor has written two versions for different budgets.
The following is the synopsis for the fuller version.
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At the beginning, they are just four boys, growing up in the 80s.
In September of 2004, they will all be dead.

Jiri, the eldest at 19, is a Russian soldier in Afghanistan. Captured and mutilated he will be ransomed to his family, but cleared by Peter Soros a Colonel in the US army on loan to the CIA.

Soros' six year old son David just wants his Dad to be home for his birthday, in snowy Fargo, North Dakota.

Lost at a Canadian rodeo, four year old Mike meets a friendly Mountie who makes a lasting impression.

Norman is just being born, his Mother will die in the process and he'll be left with only a drunk, selfish Father to raise him.

Through the course of their growing up, Jiri will vanish, David will excuse himself from society, Norman will lose in life and turn to crime, Mike will win in life and become a cop.

David Soros leaves home at 16, hitchhiking around, searching for purpose. He gets picked up in Northwest Canada by Norman, who has stolen a doughnut truck. He's seeking his secreted away pregnant girlfriend's new location. David and Norm hit it off, but part ways.

When things get ugly at the girl's house, Norm becomes Constable Mike's first arrest.

David discovers at Hidden Lake hunting camp, men willing to teach him the survival skills he needs to live in the wilderness. David makes some friends and enemies.

David lives in the woods alone for many years, becoming a local legend.

While in his cabin, David keeps extensive journals, 1000s of pages on what he sees and hears in the woods: The voices, the people, the planes that spray him with sticky gel, the lights in the sky, the vibrations under his feet, everything.

In 2004, dropout Jiri reappears. He wants to meet and learn from the legendary mountain man. David is suspicious of Jiri, his fingernails are too clean. Before Jiri can take over his life, David shoots him in the back.

Norman comes out to Hidden Lake wanting to blog David's story. Norm brings a wealth of conspiracy information from the internet that David can't even fathom.

David tells Norm about the secret underground train and takes him to see it. While there they see lights in the sky that convince Norman that Dave is on to something big. He seeks to investigate the nearby abandoned mine, but David returns to his cabin.

The RCMP arrive at David's cabin to question him about Jiri's disappearance. When David sees that they are removing his journals, he kills Constable Mike and is then killed by another officer.

Jiri is later found weighted down in Hidden Lake.

Norman falls to his death in the abandoned mine, taking with him any secrets he may have found.

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